Don Lyon(non-registered)
Wonderful images and great variety. Just beautiful!!
Jason Coon (Jboy Photography)(non-registered)
Hey Q, AWESOME all-around man!! Your photos are amazing and your website is so gorgeous!!! I really hope we can work together soon and go take some nature photos :)
Cari King(non-registered)
Hi Quentin! What beautiful photos! You are an exceptional photographer!
Jim Maloney(non-registered)
A fine selection of work - I assume a small selection of what you must have in your archives. Your use of selective focus is often perfect and the color quality of the images is very natural and also very pleasing.
I agree with Susan E. that you had very cooperative Waxwings and did well by them.
Charlotte Maloney(non-registered)
Wow. Thanks for sharing your splendid work with the world. It was great to meet you at the 2012 Lane County Christmas Bird Count on Sunday and learn of your site. Appreciated how your photos helped us identify several birds! That was a treat! Will follow your blog.
Q - Your website looks amazing - I especially like some of the pics you've added recently. Great work and thanks for sharing your art with us all!
Carson Lengsfield(non-registered)
Your website is great! AMAZING photographs!!! Each time I find a new photo I become enamored with!
Beth Stein(non-registered)
Nearby Nature loves your website! Your photos are really special...they provide such an incredible glimpse of nature nearby!
Ague Images
Your images are fantastic. You have a beautiful slideshow and great collection of images here. Keep up the great work.
Mark Warnock(non-registered)
What a wonderful place to come and relax and be inspired by the magic that surrounds us! Thank you for capturing some of that magic and sharing it.

Of course, now the pressure is on you to upload more of your outstanding photogrpahs.

Nice job, Q!
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